Q. " I have my own fabrics, can you make my quilt out of them?"

A. Yes, we are always happy to have you ship us your fabrics for any project that you may have.

Q. " What's the average turn around time on a custom rag quilt?"

A. The average turn around time is approximately 4-8 for a custom rag quilt. This is longer if you are mailing fabrics or if they need to be special ordered. Your quilt is put together as soon as your custom fabrics arrive.

Q." Do you make other types of quilted items besides the rag quilt style?"

A. At this time we only specialize in the rag quilt style. It is very versatile and easier to work with.

Q. " I want a special type of fabric. "" Do I have to find it and send it to you?"

A. No, if you can provide examples we will look for it for you. We try to use the fabrics in our rag quilts  that our customers request.

Q. "Do you ever substitute fabrics?"

A. Yes, there are some occasions when this is inevitable. Sometimes, a specific fabric will become out of stock or discontinued by a manufacturer. We do discuss this with the customer if it happens.

Q. "What is your return policy?"

A. Please refer to the Return Policy page of this website for a clear overview of out return policy.

Q. "I have my fabric already cut, can I send you the squares and have you assemble the rag quilt for me?"

A. Yes, we would be happy to do this. Please contact us via email on the "Contact Us" page for a quote.

Q. "How quickly are items shipped that are in your "Ready to ship" category?"

A. We ship items within 3 business days of your cleared payment.

Q. "Do you ship to Canada?"

A. Yes, we do on a limited basis. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to discuss your potential order.

Q. "I have an idea for a special rag quilt, can you make it for me?"

A. Yes, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please email us to discuss the details.

Q. "I have a bunch of  t-shirts that I've been saving. " " Do you make t-shirt quilts?"

A. Yes, we do make t-shirt quilts. Please see the "Rag Quilt Pieces - Custom" category for price.

Q. "I have been saving special baby clothes from my child." "I'd like to have you make a baby rag quilt with these." "Do you do this?"

A. Yes, we do make keepsake baby rag quilts. There is an example of this in the "Rag Quilt Pieces - Custom" section.

Q. "I need a quilt that is a size that you don't have listed on this website." " Do you make custom size quilts?"

A. Yes, we do. We specialize in custom orders. Please email us with the specifics of your request for a price quote on your custom rag quilt.

Q. Can I return my custom order?

A. Custom ordered and personalized merchandise is not returnable. The only exception is unless the item is different than the specifications at the time of ordering or is deffective.

Q. I accidentally damaged my item, can it be returned?

A. No, but if you want to ship it back, I can attempt to correct the problem that occured. The customer will be responsible for shipping fees both ways and any materials needed to fix the damage.



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